Media Influences in Pakistan

Sameen Hassan

Exploring a World Where “Media” Matters


Media has developed exponentially over the last decade. With its growth, it has brought about revolution in every household. People are not only aware of the global trends but also have them implemented at the best possible forms in their personal lives. It will not be an understatement to call media influence a Life Changer.

Digital, electronic, and print media have all played considerable role in changing our lives. When on one end the influence of print media remains restricted even to date, the question whether the digital or electronic media had a greater impact is vague. There’s electronic media that gives an instant access to news as it happens and then there’s the digital media, more appropriately termed as the social media, which provides a solid platform to actually interact with people spread across the globe in person.

In the past 12 years, media in Pakistan saw historic horizons. The launch of countless private television channels and investment on foreign projects led to what we may call media revolution. We owe the change of our lifestyles to this media revolution.

Of the many revolutionary changes that seeped in the Pakistani society through media, empowered women is inevitable. We may hold social campaigns, inflation leading to working women and other factors responsible for the newly empowered women of our country, or some may totally deny the authorized status of women here, but the facts prove that women were never before this much powerful as they are now. Through a discreet portrayal of the modern woman, media provoked self-consciousness among the traditional Pakistani women. It incited the desire to create an identity in women that was beyond the bounds of her caretaker – Her personal identity. With that came increased numbers of women in all fields of life.

Also owing to media, the Pakistani society is now conscious of the corruption and embezzlement that continues within the governments, judiciary, and other social system. For over 65 years, the same people, coming from the same back grounding and following somewhat the same pattern of governance with change of names have been surfacing. The amount of embezzlement was on the rise always. It was only when media came into existence and strengthened enough that these embezzlements were unveiled and brought to the front. This has not only led to a threat of exposure thereby catering to the eradication of malpractices on a minor level even if not major yet.

Among all these major changes lie the small changes within our life styles. A decade ago, I remember Chinese food was a specialty and a rarity. It would be cooked on special occasions and people would dine out occasionally to relish it. Ingredients as the Peri Peri Sauces, Paprika, and Cheese etc were all limited when it came to domestic households. However, with the blooming food channels airing in Pakistan, our cuisines have revitalized. Domestic food has become much more glossy than it was before.

And not to forget are the forever changing beliefs and norms. Our views about life and career prospects have broadened. What used to be the land of doctors and engineers now has the best media personnel, skilled IT professionals, and brilliant writers. It is an outcome of media projections too.

Then there is the social media. Life here is delimited by multitudes of people, some known others unknown. Relations wrecked or formed, friends made or lost or hugs given or received, everything here is done in a jiffy. It is all just a click away. Despite being a social butterfly, fluttering from “wall-to-wall” sharing every single moment of the day with status updates, there lays a deep solitude within us. Behind this fascia of social networking, deep inside every individual knows the fact that these status updates, relationships changed, flowers sent, pillow fights carried out and God knows what else not done with the click of the mouse in this tech savvy world is not more than another step towards isolation from the real world.

However, media has also projected several harmful impacts on our society. The most important harmful impact is our cultural death. What could have been our strongest tool to propagate our local culture, folklore and traditions, became the tool of self-destruction. The influx of foreign trends in our society has put our own culture at stake and we are on the verge of losing identity. The growing trend of tattooing, Sheesha culture and other types of ghastly perpetrations taking place every day are all a step closer to death of our culture.

Also an outcome of the growing media is the inferiority plague sweeping the minds of our youth. This again, reinforces the idea of how the Pakistani populace is always awaiting the approvals of the west to be seen as modern, up-to-date, and trendy, continually displaying the inferiority complex, feeling the need to be seen as modern.

The bloom of media has changed our lives in ways we could not imagine a decade or more ago. Our eating habits have revolutionized, dressing styles changed, buildings’ architectures alleviated, thoughts and views broadened, relationships redefined and perceptions varied. It is our domestic tool to be a part of the constantly globalizing society; the insight to the world’s changing trends and our guide to the beautiful and unseen landscapes.


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